Do you wish to know the big names of men clothing brans,then look no further as I take you on the journey of the best men clothing brands of 2020. The big names in the clothing world consist of both brands who have operated for decades and brands who are just gaining names in the fashion world.

 If you want to know know the brands your favorite male celebrities wear,look no further as your check out our compiled list of men fashion brands. 

Here are the top ten men clothing brands of 2020

#1. Polo Ralph Lauren

Well this is one of the brands you have probably heard before because it takes the first seat in the men’s exclusive fashion lists, mainly in the US and UK. It’s mostly famous for its short sleeved mesh shirt collections with the equally famous polo logo giving it a touch of simplicity. The Ralph Lauren also known for it’s elegant and simplify designs which makes them stand out among others.

#2. Calvin Klein

Almost everyone knows about the name Ck because of their unique designs in making undergarment and stunning sport wears. They are mostly famous for their male and female undergarment and their fragrances like the CK one, Eternity; these alone are famous worldwide. Coming back to the clothing aspect, they have one of the best jeans, denim or whatever is according to your preference. Usually the models for Calvin Klein are mostly the ones that earn them their fame.One of the sweet thing about CK is that it is not as expensive as compare to the other famous brands. One of the celebrities who model for CK is Justine Bieber

#3.Louis Vuitton

LV is also one of the famous men clothing brand that makes it to the top 10 brands of 2020.The 1st January 2019 was the beginning of Abloh’s first full year at LV. Following company’s debut collection that shook up the fashion status quo, not just in terms of design but also with its efforts to normalise diversity within the industry. Logo of Lv are always attractive especially with the way LV logo are imprinted on the products

#4. Diesel

Diesel classic clothing brand which focuses more on the younger generation.This fabulous line of clothing is aimed at the new generation. The colors which are usually very classy and vibrant and the shirts are usually matched with jeans. This is one of the most expensive men brand out there and also the first one to give young models the platform to build on .

#5. Gucci

They are also known to sell the most expensive jeans in the world which was quite not really really affordable to everyone. Gucci have have their store all over the world.

#6. Burberry London

Burberry prorsum is one of Britain’s pride and very well known for its clothing and accessories,which are mostly for men. Their tops and coats are one of a kind and taking the top seat is the “trench coat”,which are mostly used in the Sherlock series. This is one of those clothing lines which are used by many celebrities in UK, including models.

#7. Nike

NIKE are  popularly known as sports wear brand. The company sells quality products and has earned a name for itself;it is all about with sportswears and working out. The best joggers, basketball shoes, football shoes, sportswear, other sporting wears . Nike is a brand that is been worn by many celebrities especially the footballers and basketballers.

#8. Balenciaga

Balenciaga is arguably one of the most famous brand for men clothings. They deal mainly in creating dope designs for tops and men trousers,although they are also known for their dope sneakers designs.

#9. Dolce and Gabbana

DG is considered to be one of the oldest fashion brand in the world one of those brands that is considered timeless. They give their clothing line authenticity,and uniqueness and always manage to give their clothes the quality that everyone expects of them. The have different collections ranging from tops, trousers, caps, sneakers etc.

#10. Hugo Boss

Hugo boss an exclusive brand from Germany and brings along with its spectacular clothing a touch of their linage. This is one of the most bestselling and highest grossing clothing line out there in the world, mostly popular for selling high end suits which means classy suits. Hugo Boss deals with different collections which includes clothes, boxers shorts, suits etc.

Yes,we’ve come to the end of the top 10 men clothing brands of 2020, I hope you can start updating your wardrobe with the latest design from your these  top brands. You can also check out some of the latest trends on our website.