The sneakers game has gone beyond just the attire to a up to date streetwear in recent years. the posh design and also the big brand who manufactures the and also designs makes it cost it stand out from other new sneakers brand.

  This likes of Kanye West, Virgil Abloh, Yohji Yamamoto and Pharrell Williams have also contributed their creative minds the event of luxury sneaker designs.  These luxury sneakers are expensive because they Uses expensive high-grade leathers e.g. pebble leather, which doesn’t crack the maximum amount over an extended time.

  Before I take you on the journey for top 10 sneakers brand of 2020,let’s take a glance at the way to pick a high-quality sneakers 

How To Pick High-Quality Sneakers

  • Test how flexible it is by bending the shoe if its material like suede and leather
  • A good quality shoe needs to smell like good quality leather – as long as they are new
  • when the sneakers is make from lightweight materials,then it should be complimented with an expensive sole

 Now that you just understand how to choose a high-quality sneakers and also the reasons why these top sneakers brand are expensive, let’s poke into the most list of the highest sneakers brands of 2020


The primary brand on our list is Nike, they need been one among the oldest and therefore the biggest company that make dope sneakers for both sport purpose and casual purpose. Nike is that the most famous sneakers brand within the world with over billions of dollars made each year. the corporate focuses mainly on upholding its goodwill by producing standard and sturdy sneakers.  The German brand are always miles prior to their competitors in developing iconic designs,resting as opposed not just mainly about producing.


 Addidas made it to the highest 2 on our list bacuse of it dope designs and value,they also make billons of dollars yearly. 


A timeless label like Ferragamo has the know-how to create stylish and contemporary luxury men’s sneakers.Unlike Ferragamo’s dress shoes, their sneakers are modern and contemporary. Their designs combine modern silhouettes and designs with the brands traditional logos and patterns.Ferragamo releases new collections of sneakers yearly of which all of them get good reviews and rating by buyers and lovers of sneakers. a real trendsetter within the world of fashion footwear, the Spanish house even managed to create trail trainers cool – and once you can do something like that, the probabilities are endless.


  Balenciaga has been at the forefront of unique sneaker design in recent times and has fuelled style development – most notably the chunky sneakers trend with their ‘Triple S’ model logo. The company’s approach to style is strictly modern and is at the battlefront of the industry. 

  People call Balenciaga the king of styles because they need one in every of the simplest sneakers design in colour combination, which makes their sneakers suitable for all clothes and occasion.


 French made, this mega brand is your goto for traditional white sneakers. Each shoe is created from the best materials and have typical, sleek, French design. Be warned, they’re not cheap. they need one in all the simplest white sneakers till date,but hey most of their sneakers are expensive.


That oh-so-famous red sole of Christian Louboutin is additionally available on men’s sneakers. Their models feature this iconic design feature also as other iconic design features of Louboutin’s like their ‘spikes’. If you’re looking to face out from the gang , look no further.


Valentino’s deigns are defined yet exuberant, featuring a combination of exotic and class designs . they need some iconic models who have won plenty of Runway contest of men’s sneakers from their offering of women’s heels.


 “Nike or adidas” can be the foremost important question within the sneaker world, but that’s must be pretty frustrating for Puma. The German brand was actually founded by Rudi Dassler and despite having produced some truly iconic shoes, the brand never quite managed to topple its estranged sibling from the sportswear throne.

One of their dope sneakers design includes Thunder Spectra and also the RS-X.


Converse was founded over a century ago jointly of the primary producers of “athletic shoes” within the country. In 1917, the corporate introduced the earliest version of a bit ol’ shoe called the All-Star, and five years later a basketeer named Charles “Chuck” Taylor became its official ambassador. Perhaps the most effective possible sign that Converse is doing something right when it involves sneakers is that the corporate was bought by a particular Portland-based operation back in 2003. (Nike. it absolutely was Nike.) Since then, Converse has collaborated with a veritable who’s who of creative heavy hitters, leading to a number of the simplest styles (and bang for your buck) in sneaker history. Trends come and go, but Converse are always an honest look.


New Balance’s extensive collections would be enough to land it on this list, but the Boston athletic brand is over just its pioneering tackle the silhouette. The brand’s main mission is to support company and still informs the comfort that continues to be a defining qualities of the shoes it sells today. New Balance isn’t during a small way helped popularize, the corporate has shrewdly partnered with a number of the best and brightest emerging labels around on pair after pair of covetable kicks